SWISS MADE PROMOTIONAL AND PRIVATE LABEL WATCHES Your branding on a high quality Swiss watch
SWISS MADE PROMOTIONAL AND PRIVATE LABEL WATCHES Your branding on a high quality Swiss watch Buy directly from our Swiss factory • Short delivery time • Minimum quantity of 25 pcs only

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Watches are all about telling time, measuring time and managing time. Men hardly wear jewellery but most of them wear watches. For women a watch is a must-have accessory and essential wrist jewellery. Thus, there is no better way to carry the name of your brand or company across the world in an impressive, elegant or fashionable way than on a watch.

Branded watches

If personalized or branded watches are what you are looking for don’t look any further. For over 35 years Chrono AG specializes in producing quality Swiss Made private label watches. If it is for an anniversary gift for your company’s jubilee, a special thank you customer gift, a special gift to raise brand awareness, or simply because you want to develop your own line of branded watches, we do it all.

Our vast collection of ready-made promotional watches offers something for every taste. Whether classic or sportive, elegant or fashionable, oversized or small, every watch can be personalized with your logo and/or brand name on many levels.

Moreover, we are very well experienced in designing and manufacturing custom made watches. Are you looking for a bespoke watch design to fit your brand or company or are you launching your own watch brand? Creating custom made watches is what we do. Our team of qualified designers and developers know everything there is to know about what it takes to create your dedicated watch designs. We take your original design idea and turn it into your bespoke timepiece. From the first brief to the delivery of the final watch we provide a full-service experience.

Branded watches for men/women

Our ready-made collection of Swiss Made watches are geared towards all kind of styles and tastes.

Watches for men are the must-have accessory for every look

Basically, every man owns at least two watches that match the following looks: the elegant, fine look and the sporty, casual look. For the business outfit, where the perfectly fitting suit is used, a classic quartz or automatic watch for men with a stainless-steel bracelet works best. But even with a men's watch with leather strap, combined with a suit and tie, a man is always on the stylish side. It doesn’t matter if it’s a silver watch, a gold watch or even a rose gold watch. For the city look in combination with a leather jacket or a casual shirt, you can then choose a chronograph men's watch in your favourite colour. With the sporty models, there are almost no limits: Every colour and size are allowed. In summer, you're always trendy with a men's watch with leather or rubber wristband. Before deciding on the right men's watch to represent your company or your brand, you should think about it and not decide on the first beautiful model. After all, the men's watch is one of the few pieces of jewellery men wear. And who knows: perhaps the accessory will be the next heirloom of the family? Forget time and let yourself be inspired by our vast collection of men's watches.

Watches for women are the must-have wrist jewellery

The wristwatch is so much more to a woman than just a beautiful accessory: it perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality and makes time reading a chic secondary matter. So it's no wonder that a high-quality watch is one of our absolute favourite accessories and a gift a woman always joyfully accepts. Today, the beautiful accessory on our wrists is indispensable and can be combined with any style. Whether you are looking for plain silver watches, luxurious gold or dreamy rose gold watches, whether shimmering mother-of-pearl dials or discreet minimal forms are your style, whether stainless steel bracelets or leather straps are desired, our ready-made watch collection holds it all.

Swiss Made watchmaking

From the first design of a watch to the finished product, all production steps are executed and monitored at our headquarters in the beautiful town of Solothurn. In the spirit of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, we commit ourselves to manufacture all of our watches according to the official Swiss Made regulations – a label which stands for high-quality craftsmanship, technical know-how, innovation and competence, as well as aesthetic values. In so doing, we not only strive to uphold the unrivalled reputation of Swiss Made watches but also aim at providing the consumer with the best choice of a high-quality watches. All Chrono watches are equipped with movements of the renowned Swiss movement producer ETA, Ronda and Sellita.