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Who we are



We create watches

CHRONO AG has been designing and producing Private Label watches of proven Swiss Made quality to act as advertising media for world famous companies, products and brands since 1981. Practically any design idea can be implemented thanks to a broad spectrum of technicians and our many years of know-how. The name of your company, an image of your product or your logo can thus be carried across the world in this impressive and elegant manner: By means of those people who you really appreciate, all wearing watches on which they can rely. Our list of customers includes worldwide renowned brands and companies from various industries such as banking, the automobile industry, telecommunications, hotels, clubs and associations. As discretion is very important to us, we only provide a few examples of our work here.


At our headquarters in Solothurn, we not only strive to create watches in the spirit of the Swiss tradition, but we have the honor to do so within walls that stand for a Swiss watchmaking tradition of over 100 years. Originally built in 1915/1916 by the watch manufacturer Stadler-Bouché, the building was soon taken over by one of Switzerland’s first watchmaking schools, where until 2002 this world leading training institute produced the success of generations of watchmakers. After the watchmaking school moved to larger premises, Chrono AG bought the building. With the renovation of the company building in 2003, we were able to update the premises and bring them up to the latest industry standards. In this way, our company building now houses all of our departments from design, to production, sales, marketing and logistics. This allows us to interact closely on all levels of manufacturing, allowing us to create the efficiency and proficiency that is required in order to be successful in today’s fast moving business world.

Swiss Made


From the first design of a watch to the finished product, all production steps are executed and monitored at our headquarters in the beautiful town of Solothurn. In the spirit of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, we commit ourselves to manufacturing all of our watches according to the official Swiss Made regulations – a label which stands for high quality craftsmanship, technical know-how, innovation and competence, as well as aesthetic values. In so doing, we not only strive to uphold the unrivalled reputation of Swiss Made watches but also aim at providing the consumer with the best choice of a high quality timepiece. Our well-established team with experience, expertise and esprit devotes itself daily to the creation of outstanding timepieces that display a successful combination of tradition and the modern age.

Our Workshops


At our ateliers, precise work done by hand is at the heart of our watchmaking skills. Our watchmakers have been extensively trained and are professionals in their field. Each watch is assembled, controlled and packaged manually. This is how we guarantee the «Swiss Made» quality of our watches. We are proud to say that in this way every Chrono AG watch bears honour to the Swiss watchmaking tradition.


It takes many different production steps, until a Chrono AG watch makes its way into the world as a functional chronometer of time. From the selection of the necessary components to the printing of the dial, the actual work of assembly, engraving of the case back, quality inspection and finally packaging, handwork is at the core of each working step. We are convinced that the high quality standards we set for our products can only be achieved by working with the traditional manual skills of the watchmaking trade, exclusively integrating today’s specialised, modern working tools in order to support our watchmakers in their quest for highest precision. Furthermore, an inspection of quality accompanies each working step. All Chrono AG watches are subject to a thorough check of functioning and waterproofness, as well as an intensive visual check.

By working in this manner, we guarantee the «Swiss Made» quality of all our timepieces, which accurately comply with the official regulations set by the Swiss Federal Council. To ensure the quality and accuracy of our timepieces only high quality movements of the Swiss manufacturers ETA, Ronda and Sellita are used.

Family Business


At the heart of our independent family-business is the love for creating watches - a passion for a product that, like no other, is known to be an ambassador for the «Swiss Made» label in the whole world. For this reason, we recently invested time and resources into developing and expanding our production facilities in order to prepare ourselves for the demands of future times.

“We are proudly looking back at 35 years of family tradition, which is the motivation and driving force behind our work: It challenges us to act innovatively and competently, and to emphasise highest Swiss precision.”

Markus & Stephan Ingold