SWISS MADE PROMOTIONAL AND PRIVATE LABEL WATCHES Your branding on a high quality Swiss watch

Branding & Personalisation

Watch branding and personalisation

Today we are battling affluence of products, brand and company names that come at us every day. To stand out and make an impression on your target audience is harder than ever.

The influence a watch has on one’s life as a constant companion is tremendous. Therefore, it is the perfect marketing tool to carry your company or your brand name out into the world in an impressive and elegant manner with a long-lasting effect.

Be it for a company anniversary, a premium gift for your most treasured client, raising brand awareness or simply building future client relations, a watch is a valuable tool that speaks of the uniqueness of your enterprise.




Logo application and Packaging

It’s essential to get the personalisation of a watch intended as brand merchandise or as a marketing tool right. For over 35 years we have been helping countless companies and brands get the level of personalisation just right.

These are the most common levels of personalization that we can easily implement. However, there are many more possibilities and we are happy to discuss these during a personal phone call.


Logo application


1 Superimposed Dial

2  Photo Dial
3 Personal logo on side of case




4 Personal logo on buckle
5 Personal logo on buckle
6 Personal logo on caseback



1 Cube small

2  Black box
3 Black deluxe cube




4 Deluxe box black
5 Wooden box
6 Individual logo printing